Harmonious Codfish
Codfish - Jerusalem artichoke - Artichokes - Pata Negra - Black truffle
Harmonious Codfish

‘It is one conversation between three ingredients. Every spoonful is like a harmony’

Harmonious Codfish

A completely modern dish in every way, Matteo Ferrantino incorporates the world’s finest ingredients to create a single harmony between meat, fish and vegetables

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16 February 2016Print page


OURCING THE finest codfish from Norway, juicy artichokes from Italy, succulent Pata Negra ham from Spain, and decadent black truffle from France, a completely harmonious creation is achieved by blending the three main ingredients in any kitchen: fish, meat and vegetables.


It is one conversation between three ingredients. The focal point is the balance between them to result in one song. Every spoonful is like a harmony. For this, I looked for a purist way to create the dish - a symphonic delight for every palate.


The dish comprises codfish confit in olive oil, topinambour (or Jerusalem artichokes), both pure and in the form of chips, sautéed artichokes, sliced Pata Negra ham, edamame and a black truffle consommé. A true harmony of flavour in a beautifully presented plate of food, each ingredient was thought out to be truly in tune.