TASTE PORTUGAL: Springtime in London!
Matteo Ferrantino: Mediterranean style in London on 14 March 2015
TASTE PORTUGAL: Springtime in London!

‘This looks set to be a splendid event, with some old favourites and some new surprises’

TASTE PORTUGAL: Springtime in London!

This Mothering Sunday weekend sees a special celebratory event as TASTE PORTUGAL returns to 28°-50° Maddox Street for an evening of spring-inspired delights.

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14 March 2015Print page


HAT BETTER WAY to mark the arrival of the new season - bringing us one step closer to summer and Britain's best attempt at sunny Portuguese weather - than to enjoy a celebratory meal put together by young star chef Matteo Ferrantino, a native of Italy, who now works alongside Dieter Koschina at the two Michelin-starred Vila Joya in the Algarve.


Ferrantino’s kitchen style is modern, but he has learnt a lot of traditional Portuguese recipes from friends and colleagues, books, and visiting fish markets and farms. He likes to bring these up to date in terms of presentation, while maintaining the best of time-honoured flavours. Mediterranean in style, everything is cooked fresh, using a lot of olive oil and a lot of fruit. Fish is often lightly grilled, or served raw, with lemon, oil, and coriander, almost ceviche-style - perfect for the onset of the warmer weather.


Dining within 28°-50°’s opulent old gentleman’s club style Mayfair bar and restaurant, done out in reclaimed timber as a reference to wine barrels, TASTE PORTUGAL’S own award winning sommelier António Lopes will join the host venue’s sommelier, Caroline Brangé, to introduce a collection of Portuguese wines par excellence, including varieties from Dão, Alentejo and Bairrada.


As ever, the evening will begin with an aperitif of Colinas Espumante Brut Rosé (2009), to welcome the guests and aid the toast proposed by our team. This will be followed by a series of amuse-bouche, including beetroot, foie-gras praline, sour cream, oyster, imperial caviar and black truffle. Later guests will be able to tantalise their tastebuds with such delicacies as lirio, cauliflower, ginger and lemon, caldeirada of black cod, and yogurt, raspberry, basil and lychee. The wines being sampled will range from Julia Kemper White (2013) from Dão through Antão Vaz da Peceguina (2013) from Malhadinha, Alentejo, and Gilda (2013) from Tiago Teles, Bairrada, to the grand finale of HE Late Harvest (2012), from Herdade do Esporão, Alentejo.


This looks set to be a splendid event, with some old favourites and some new surprises, ushering in the new season in grand style.


First published in March 2015