Matteo Ferrantino, the chef
Outstanding cuisine

An ambassador of contemporary cuisine, this is Matteo Ferrantino’s passion, both in the kitchen
and in life.


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orn in 1979 in San Giovanni Rotondo and raised in the small Italian town of Mattinata until the age of 18, Matteo Ferrantino is a young chef keen on establishing himself in the gastronomy business.

Through studying and experimenting within the field of innovative and creative cooking, the Italian chef prepares and constructs ‘modern’ plates, while also revisiting more traditional dishes, taking special care in underlining the primary taste of the food, thanks to his consciousness and use of contemporary techniques and technologies. Matteo Ferrantino wants to propose his own concept of contemporary cooking through taste, colour, presentation and precise processing, starting from physical and chemical principles that intervene in the food while it is being prepared and while it evolves.

The professional background of this chef is the result of various experiences on the road over several years. He worked in Spain, Great Britain, Austria (at the unique and outstanding Hangar-7, together with its patron chef Eckart Witzigmann, renowned as the ‘Chef of the Century’) and finally in Portugal for nine years, where he became chef de cuisine at Vila Joya and where he shared the two Michelin stars together with Dieter Koschina.

Matteo Ferrantino is currently seen as a rising star of fine cuisine. He has co-worked with the biggest names in world gastronomy, touring the world and working with many ‘celebrity’ chefs over the years, both as part of the International Gourmet Festival in Vila Joya, and at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, where he worked alongside Roland Trettl and numerous guest chefs from around the globe, from Jean-Georges Vongerichten (New York’s leading chef), David Thompson (best Thai food worldwide) and Joan Roca of El Celler de Can Roca (the best restaurant in the world), as well as countless other international chefs. One of his favourite chefs is Joachim Wissler, of the three-Michelin-star Vendôme restaurant. However, he has mainly established himself through his own talent and his strong culinary vision, all qualities recognised by his masters.

These accumulated experiences, where he has worked or collaborated at several prestigious restaurants, all of which feature in the Michelin guide (considered the ‘bible’ of gourmet and fine dining worldwide), have allowed this chef to leave his mark on ‘fusion’ cuisine, not only as an interpreter but also, and mainly, as a compositor.

Ferrantino has found his passion in life and sees himself as an ambassador of contemporary cuisine.


If you would like to get in touch with Matteo Ferrantino for events or possible collaborations, please contact him at

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